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My paintings are about the HOW just as much as they are about the final result. The process. The journey. Letting each moment unfold and following my intuition, it’s all part of my art. Hi, I’m Lauren. I play, connect with the Divine and make Contemporary Abstract Paintings. Join Me!

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Making life more beautiful, one brushstroke at at time.

‘Strings Attached’-Digital Downloads
‘Fast Times’ Original avail-ON SALE

‘Slow Times (smaller) Original avail- ON SALE
‘Blocked off but Moving’ Original avail DM-see Etsy for Digital Download
‘The Go Flows’ Original avail-
‘The Real Deals’ SOLD-Prints avail
‘The Lines’ Original avail- ON SALE
‘Mystery Waterfall’ Original avail
– ON SALE ‘Splats 1’ Original avail
‘Hidden Boundaries’ ORIGINAL NOW ON SALE
‘Mellow Fellow’ Original avail
‘Blue Earth’ Original and Prints
‘The Area Between’ Original avail- ON SALE
The Boonies
‘The Boonies’ Original avail
‘Blue Earth’ Notebook
‘Beneath the Surface’ Digital Download
“Surprise” Notebook
‘Surprise’ Digital Download
‘Surprise’ WOO WOO Journal
‘The Lines1’ Digital download
‘The Boonies’ Notebook
‘Surprise’ Notebook
‘Blocked off but Moving’ Digital Download

I believe in Aliens (mirror)

Crystal Ball Shirt
‘The Real Deals’-Hoodie
Beneath the surface-Socks
‘The Real Deals’ -2 Digital downloads
Love More V-neck shirt
Goddess Vibes shirt
‘Hidden Boundaries’ Phone/Computer wall paper Downloads
Crystal Ball Journal
Beneath the surface-Sweatshirt.
‘Surprise’ Notebook
‘Hidden Boundaries’ Journal
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I want to see your creations, tag me: Insta:@laurenkarpinski or Pinterest: @abstractlaurenkarpinski and use my new #makeshitdonttakeshit

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It’s beautiful. Took my breath away!

Terri, purchaser of ‘beneath the surface’

I’m SO excited! My son just said they look like a portal into another universe!- Ann D

purchaser of ‘the real deals’ stain paintings

“This is gorgeous!! I usually leave things in my cart for days, if not weeks before I decide- this one I’m buying 20 minutes after seeing it.” Kristina

PUrchaser of ‘A stained woman’ stain painting


Lauren Karpinski

Art & Energy

New Providence, NJ 0797


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