Lauren Karpinski

Abstract paintings for sale, commissions & Murals.

Printed items such as Art prints, T-shirts, Journals etc.

Energy work & Yoga services! (coming soon)

Artwork that is Quirky, Bold & Mindful

Making life more beautiful, one brushstroke at a time.

Great for Home or Office or as a gift to brighten any space for healing and happiness.

If you wanna make some Art of your own grab the Blick Art Materials Coupon code below (affiliate link) Enjoy. Have fun. And thanks for clicking and supporting my art.

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Artwork that is infused with mindful presence, love and happiness. From my heart to yours.

Blog & Podcast

-Art. Energy. Yoga – Blog -Sneaky Woo Woo podcast: Nerding out about Life, Art and the pursuit of Wellness.

Behind the Scenes

My art process and behind the scenes.

Wall Murals

Murals for home, office, baby’s room, bedroom, workplace or where ever you want to add some beauty, color, calm or quirky into your life.

Lauren Karpinski wall mural design


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“This is gorgeous!! I usually leave things in my cart for days, if not weeks before I decide- this one I’m buying 20 minutes after seeing it.” Kristina

Lauren Karpinski

Art. Energy. Yoga

New Providence, NJ 07974