Abstract Art Ideas

Trying new things is one of my favorite things to do. I like the process of figuring out the next move, when it’s time for the next move as opposed to thinking too much about it. At least for my art. It helps me get out of my over-thinking mind and into feeling what the painting needs at that time. It’s good mindfulness practice and inspiration, imagination and the feel goods all at the same time. Here are a couple videos of my art process from splats, drips, drops to scrapes and schmears. You can do whatever feels good to you and leave it with the drops and drops or keep going and add scrapes and more and more layers. At least using acrylic paints, which is what I’m using and really only what I use.

Get all your canvas from Blick Art Materials and paint big, easily! (affiliate link)

Want great paints for dripping splatting and pouring fast, get them on Amazon! (affiliate link)

So get creating and Tag me or leave me a comment because I’d LOVE to see what you create!

Thanks so much I’d love to hear from you!

From my heart to yours,


Published by laurenk

Large Intuitive Abstract Artist. Divine Alignment. Divine guidance. Intuitive Play. Intuitive Energetic & Spiritual Wellness. Yoga. Nature.

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