Dear Divine-Day 3-The Circus-The Horse-The Anxious-The Love

Hey, it’s me. I just sat with you for awhile. Just sat. I got the messages. Too many to write here but I’ll write a few. The circus has come to me a few times. I like this analogy for my mind. My monkey mind. I picture a circus tent and within that tent is my mind/my thoughts/my ego. The circus is filled with so many things, going on all at once, the noise, the juggling, the animals, the people flying to and frow. I see it. I don’t always realize I’m in the tent but when I can step out of it, it’s quieter and I can see that tent and realize that it’s all a circus, a show and it’s not real.

Outside the tent I can see what’s happening. There’s costumes and music and distractions and face paint, the circus is real in a sense but not real at the same. And further more I don’t have to stay in the circus and believe everything I’m seeing/thinking.

The horse came to me outside the circus. I stood looking over at the tent. I could hear the noise, I could see a little through the slit in the tent side. And I stood with a horse. I kept trying to get on the horse but I couldn’t get up. So, I’d pet him and feed him carrots or apples and stroke his mane and try again to jump up but I couldn’t. Then I heard it. “It is not your job to get on him and control him. You can love him and run with him.” And I understood it was a message about the anxious-ness I feel all too often. Not always knowing why.

It isn’t my job to control it. To stop it. Direct it. To make it yield to me and my internal screams of STOP. That’s enough. No. My job is to Love. All of it. Fully.

My job is to run with it. Take care of it. Bathe it. Feed it. Nurture it. As if it was a friend. Consume it in Love without control. And this is how I can live in harmony with discomfort. Riding it. Trying to force it this way and that only keeps me strapped to saddle instead of allowing the horse the opportunity to run free.

Maybe one day that horse will decide to run off into the wild with the other horses, but for now and even if that never happens, I can Love that horse with all my heart and take care of it and comfort it; and within that Love I am free. I am free. No reins building calluses within my hands. No legs burning while trying to squeeze and hold on to the back of the horse. No worry about where I should steer this horse. There’s just Love. Acceptance. And the whole of me.

From my heart to yours,


Divine writings. Unedited. 11/7/20


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The Abstract Art process: From Sh&t to Hells yeah!

First phase: I can only speak for acrylic paints since that’s what I use. So the following is based off acrylics and my own experience. Not everyone’s process will be the same. Now, let’s get into it!

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Ah, staring at a blank canvas. I know some people get blank canvas anxiety but I don’t. I love seeing a blank canvas, it’s full of possibility, and I have no issues just putting down marks or splashes or whatever may be. So, step one is all about getting marks down and getting the blank canvas started. Start laying down lines, colors or anything really. Just get the canvas started. It doesn’t matter what, at least with acrylic paints, which I love, see post about why i love acrylics HERE, because you an always cover it later.

Second phase: Getting into it. This step is where you start getting into the painting. For abstract art this is where you start to be more intentional. Getting a feel for your color scheme, or you may have planned that out in advance. If you did plan it out, you’ll be in one of two camps: first one-stick with the plan, second one- follow the plan until you don’t want to. Ha. The second one is a more intuitive approach. If you feel you wanted all blues but as you start going you just want to add orange or red or green, then you do. This is my approach. I sometimes plan out colors ahead of time but I always end up relying on my intuition to guide me. There are times when I stick with my plan but that’s because my response to the painting is in line with the colors I already picked. I like where it’s going.

As you start getting into the painting you have at least two layers, you’re base layer and these layers you’re doing. Though this really depends on what type of art you’re making so take this loosely, but here is where you may start having areas of interest that you’re seeing and want to work around or highlight.

Sometimes for practice and just to see what comes of it, I’ll stick to a plan whether I like what I’m creating or not. It’s an interesting way to force yourself to make something that maybe you wouldn’t ever make. Conversely, not planning anything and just going at it all on intuitive whims is an interesting practice. Just trusting your gut responses and being free and loose with your lines and colors can create pieces you wouldn’t have ever created also. These practices and experiments are really good because this is where discoveries are made. Either cool-now I’m gonna paint one with that color combo or marks- discovery OR Ew!- I want to remember to never put that color with this over that and these, it’s just ew! Both equally good discoveries. So play around. I’d say 80% of my painting time is play and experiments and 20% is calculated. But that’s me, find what works for you.

Third phase: It’s ALL SHIT! So, as you progress with your abstract painting you’re going to get feelings of beauty and excitement and the feeling it all looks like shit! Somewhere along the way, a lot of time, it’s all shit takes the driver seat. This is where you do NOT want to give up! This is the middle of the painting and every painting whether landscape or portrait or abstract has ugly middle layers. It just is what is. In this phase you may have started highlighting your areas of interest, trying to arrange colors next to each other to make certain areas pop, or you may be adding thin layers or glazes to keep building up colors and textures. Again depending on how you create art will depend on how many layers and how long you’re in each step but don’t stop where-ever you are. 99% of paintings that look like shit are saved by one swipe of a color or a line or mark or something that just comes. There are the occasional, this must go in the trash bin paintings; but most of the time by putting the painting aside and leaving it for a day or two or however long and coming back to it, creates fresh eyes and fresh opportunities that weren’t in your vision before. Just keep going and know it’s all part of the process for any and all paintings. There’s always a SHIT stage.

Fourth phase: The next step is seeing your painting and being super happy with it but feeling like it needs a little of this or a little of that. So this is the ‘adding’ details stage. In this stage you may want to add a few pencil marks or glue something on or do anything really that adds details and emphases areas you want emphasized. Sometimes this stage is straight forward and small details are added to bring it all together, sometimes what happens to me at this stage is I’ll see something and change it and then it changes the whole composition of the piece and I’m back in stage 3, working through the shit. And that’s okay! Sometimes that happens! Then you just keep going. It wasn’t meant to be the other way and you’re heading for something new to explore. Other times this is where you sure it all up and it all just comes together beautifully and your heart glows and you get butterflies and you step back to admire you’re work.

Fifth phase: Thank it. Be grateful for the creative divine connection. Bask in its magic and wonder. Oh, it feels SO good!!!

Sixth phase: With acrylics you don’t have to seal the top if you’re keeping it for yourself and you don’t mind it won’t be archival (last a super long time) but it’s best practices to seal it if you’ll be selling it to someone. Also if it’s for yourself but your surface has different sheen in places and you’d rather it uniform, the top coats would fix that.

For acrylics you’ll want to put down an isolation coat first. So a gloss, satin or matte medium would work. You have to be careful not to overwork it though or it looks streaking. I’ve stopped using brush ons due to this reason. I have started using sprays and for an isolation coat I use a UV spray and a gloss Spray before my Varnish. I’ve heard you’re suppose to Varnish spray before your UV spray so am I doing this right? I do not know but it works for me because I don’t like the brush on mediums and as long as the painting is getting protected I think it’s fine! You can use brush ons or sprays for your Varnish coat which goes on top of your isolation coat. I’ve already stated I use the sprays. I was only able to transition to this when I was able to clear out some space in the garage to spray and have the door and window open and buy a proper mask so I wasn’t inhaling the spray. You need to be careful with sprays, so if you don’t have this space then practicing brush ons is your best be; and some people seem to do just fine with them so have at it.

Seventh phase: Hook it up Buddy! Get your saw tooth hangers in the back if it’s a small one or get your D-rings or smaller screw rings evenly spaced on either side of your painting and then get your medium weight wire and run it from side to side, pulling through your ring and twisting the excess up and around your wire running side to side for extra support.

Eight is great: Hang it baby! Hang it! Ahhhhh. Doesn’t it feel good. Take it all in. That might be one of the best feelings one earth! Savor it. Bathe in it. You done good. 🙂

Please share with me your process or paintings, I would love to see! Or let me know if this process break down was any help to you. I’ll be adding pictures so check back.

From my heart to yours,


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Dear Divine-Day 2

I wrote you yesterday and it felt good. It feels a little weird typing to you since I’ve always been a big journal nerd. I have so many going at once for different topics. Weeeeellll they cross over a lot so maybe more so for different rooms. Haha. I don’t think typing could ever replace my journaling, there’s such a different feel to it. Anyhoo. I don’t really know why I’m even talking about that. It wasn’t anything that entered my head until I started typing.

Last evening I wast texting with a good old friend. We definitely share an energy connection. We’ve always been on similar paths of discovering and falling in love with different wellness things. She just got her amazing website up full of services and offers and a membership site. I am so immensely proud of her and all her knowledge and hard work are paying off. I have other friends from Acupuncture school or in Massage or other wellness modalities that are really finding their niche and doing what they love. I was filled with love for them and happiness for them and at the same time I felt something creeping in. Jealousy. Is that you? It felt like with all my happiness there was this other feeling and thoughts of, why not me? I went to school for so long and worked so hard and take CEU classes and blah blah blah, why haven’t I found my career path within all this wellness I love so much?

Ugh. It doesn’t feel good. As I laid to go to sleep last night, where if you know me that’s one area that I keep trying to heal because my mind seems to swirl more when I lay to rest, my thoughts were jumbled between joy for my friends and sadness for myself. I put on a guided meditation and tried to breath and relax. Eh. It kinda worked

I opened up a dialogue with You, Divine spirit. I asked to be able to feel only joy for my friends instead of jealous in my heart for not getting what I wanted, career wise. Then I realized that I couldn’t change the way I was feeling so asking not to feel that seemed dumb. So I changed my prayer to asking to give me strength to let these thoughts come in and out and not dwell or judge them, the joyful ones AND the jealous ones. That felt a bit better. Because either way, I was attaching meaning to both thoughts and feelings and I didn’t have to do that.

Then my mind took the wheel again and I started wondering, what new classes should I take, oh I should finish those older classes I haven’t finished yet online, should I reach out to my friend for a Tarot reading, should I get another Reiki reading, maybe I need another psychic reading….and then like that….they stopped and clear as a bell I heard “YOU cannot get answers outside of yourself.” Ding ding ding. Now look, I believe all those modalities can help and they have helped me tremendously in the past but I’m at a place right now where the only thing, the ONLY thing that can and will do me any good is connecting to the Divine.

DIVINE CONNECTION. I’ve been working on this for years and finally this year I feel like this connection and the meaning and the work is becoming known to me. I feel myself knowing I have to fill up my own cup and this connection comes from the Divine. I might have the tools but I don’t know how to use them on my own but I can connect and allow the Divine to show me and teach me how to fill myself up from the inside out. Allow the Divine to show me the way and know that it’s always the right way, whether it’s easy or not.

By filling up my own cup I’m learning that the chakra analogies are really helping me to visualize where my power drains are and ask the divine for the grace needed to be able to give myself the support that I need right now. Thank you Caroline Myss for all your work because her books and lectures have made such a drastic shift in my perspective, I cannot even explain the game changer for me!

So when I was feeling jealous last night, after I got that lovely message that I couldn’t look outside myself for answers I also knew I couldn’t look outside myself for someone else to make me feel better. Sometimes we need support and that’s okay but after we are comforted and in order to really truly supported we need to do our own internal work and Divine connection. We need to fill up our own cup!

I felt the message, “You are not jealous of your friends, you are jealous of the experiences they are having because you are sensing that they are living in alignment with their purpose and path and connection. It is this experience you feel emanating from them and that you also want to feel.”

I mean….right on man. True. Because my life is good. Great actually. And yet I feel like there are these things bursting from within me with wellness, spirituality, energy medicine, soul purpose, painting, etc etc etc that are all pieces to a grand puzzle that doesn’t seem to be fitting together at this time.

It’s this that I’m not sure of yet. Is this just my mind attaching to “something is wrong or missing?” Or am I just within the creative energy of building something bigger and it’s all just working out within it’s own time? Or is it never suppose to work out for me in that way because something different is manifesting on my path and I just can’t see it?

All questions that will never get answered but my prayers for connection and divine guidance with the strength and willpower to follow them through, no matter how scary or off the path they seem, those prayers will always be answered. Because connecting with You and allowing my path to unfold without attachment, all still while trying to accomplish goals, is the ultimate paradox and yet a wondrous, magical thing.

So, today I’m going to try to keep my energy high and my thoughts light and non attached. Trying to keep my connection to the Divine my top priority and knowing that with all my goals and dreams that the true work is allowing and accepting what the Divine brings to me in each moment and not trying to change it, yet adjusting my reaction to it. And all will be well. All is well. And so it is.

From my heart to yours,


Divine writings. Un-edited. 11/6/20


Dear God/Divine-Day 1

Today God-the Divine I felt like I really needed help getting grounded and feeling safe. My anxiety went up yesterday and like always my body feels so tense and tight, my chest is buzzing, my throat is tight and I had trouble quieting all the thoughts whirling in my head. Some thoughts were helpful as they told me things I had forgotten to do at work, so I wrote them down, yet while I’m lying in bed trying to sleep isn’t my favorite time to experience these things as I know they keep me from falling peacefully to sleep. I’m trying to accept this today Divine source. Accept and not judge it, but it feels hard because I want it changed so badly. It’s so uncomfortable and I don’t want to experience discomfort. Thought that seems silly because there’s no way that that would ever come true. Life is uncomfortable at times by its very nature. I know that and yet still I fight against in not wanting to experience such things.

I’d like to get to a place where these self induced body sensations and thought loops don’t effect me or my sleep. I don’t know if that’ll ever happen and I do know that learning to live with what life hands you, dealing with my own emotions and sensations instead of trying to change life leads to a fuller life because the struggle or the suffering as buddha says is in our perception of the way things are not actually how they are because everything is impersonal and neutral.

But ugh. These feelings suck. Yeah I said it. They suck. I’m judging. whew. ok. yeah.

I don’t even know if I’m more comfortable calling God, Divine, Source, Universe. I have no religious attachment and Im not interested in one but I am interested in my connection with my soul, with You. With Divine alignment, where all things flow and I can feel that even in my own discomfort everything is as it should be on a divine level and I may never know that level and that’s okay. I think Divine is what I’m drawn to most. I like that. I’m going to use Divine.

I have so many tool to help myself feel better. And they work and they don’t work. Sometimes I just need to talk to You. And that’s when I remember that I have the tools I need, I can ask for help in forms of strength or compassion for myself and I can fill up my own cup from the inside. I view the cup filling as filling of my chakras. Even though I don’t have full understanding of all the chakras the medaphor that makes sense to me when I need to ask myself, “what can I do for myself right now to help myself feel better”, the chakras seems to help.

Today since I was feeling anxious and buzzy I went within and I just felt like I needed to ground down. Root chakra and Sacral chakra. I thought for sure I’d need Solar plexus and Heart since I was feeling sensations there but no, I needed the affirmation “I am safe” and ” I am Here” meaning it was okay for me to take up space. And sacral chakra “I am Safe” meaning that within my dealings with work or others, underneath anyones actions or reactions I am safe as who I am and what I’m doing because I am trying my best and I am human and fallible but even with mistakes in dealings with others, I am still safe, I am still okay, I am still loved. I think the anxiety is an issue with how I am perceiving myself in the world and those around me and whether I can take up space even being imperfect. This lack of foundational trust and faith in myself shoots up into my heart space and makes these feelings of anxiety.

I asked this anxiety for why it comes and it answered, “to help you remember your worth”. This reminder in my heart space, this blessing, reminds me that I am intrinsically worthy. Born connected to all things and all equally worthy. This blessing reminds me to stop and connect with the divine and stop putting so much pressure and attachment on the outside world.

Once I felt foundationaly grounded after focusing on my lower chakras, I noticed my heart space was easier to fill my with own connection to love. And although some of my anxiety symptoms are still there, I feel much more centered and filled with love and compassion for myself to have these experiences but still be okay, in the world and within myself.

Morning meditation. Words of the Divine. Unedited. 11/5/20

From my heart to yours,


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Soul Painting

“Intuition isn’t here for us to create a beautiful outcome, it’s here for us to create a beautiful journey.” Lauren

   There’s something in me that will never give up. I will continue to make art whether I like it that day, whether you like it, whether I feel like making it or not. I will create. It’s what I do. It’s what gives me purpose and connection to a deeper self. I get the feels. Whether I look at something and think it’s shit or wonderful, I feel like there’s been magic that went through me. I create from and for my soul. The depths of my being. And it is my teacher.

   Of course, it’s not always so dramatic in practice. There’s typical ordinary days that I may be playing and splashing and mixing paint; but when it flows, it’s indescribable. When it flows, when I see the ones that give me the ‘my breath just caught’ feeling, it’s then that I know I was touched by the whisper of the Divine. I couldn’t express these things by myself. They feel so utterly connected and magical, I know there was divine presence there and it was a blessing. That’s why I believe in showing up, whether I feel like it or not. I work through the shit instead of letting the shit get me down. Though sometimes it does get me down, I’m human, but I get back up and keep creating; …tho let me tell you that sometimes…there’s a lot of shit!!!

  I have a saying that started in my painting life but has extended into my waking life which goes like this, “Well, the worst thing I can do is fuck it up; and I can’t fuck it up!” This started when I was painting and I’d look at a piece in progress and I’d be nervous to do another layer or try a different color, or whatever it was I was contemplating but scared to do because I might ‘ruin the piece.’ And then I started to take a more impersonal view of it. Instead of getting attached to this object in front of me, I promised myself I’d go with my instincts and just do the thing that came into my head and not worry about the outcome! I would listen to that intuitive response of ‘add yellow’. That’s where my mantra came from, “Well, the worst thing I can do is fuck it up; and I can’t fuck it up!” I’d say this to myself and just go for it because ultimately, it’s just a painting and nothing to get attached to. It’s so easy to attach to it, things or outcomes in painting and in life; so I’d practice this mantra and then I’d just go for it!

   And you know what? Sometimes, it’d turn out like real pure shit! HAHA. Pure gross, messed that up, can’t go back, what did I do…shit! And I’d be dumbfounded about why I ever thought that was a good idea? Why did I make that decision? Why did I let myself do that? That couldn’t have been my intuition, because my intuition wouldn’t have let me make something so shit! Would it?

 And other times it’d be the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen and I’d sit back in awe because I couldn’t’ have created that on my own with just my mind. I never could have ‘thought’ of that. Other times that shit one, after a few more layers it’d turn into the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen also; and sometimes it’d keep being shit and would have to be scrapped, because some things in life aren’t meant for us to finish or continuing on with. I’ve been learning the impersonal lesson of the universe and our intuition. Following our intuition or divine guidance doesn’t always lead to the outcome we thought up. Sometimes it leads to shit or what we ‘perceive’ as shit. But that’s just it, it’s all a perception. In divine language what happened was a necessary step. A blessing. It’s up to us to find the beauty or find the acceptance in each layer and keep moving on. Intuition isn’t here for us to create a beautiful outcome, it’s here for us to create a beautiful journey.

We can over-think it. We can think we can think our way out of it. We can think our mind has control and can make sense of it, but it can’t. Another great lesson I’m learning is that, I can’t think my way out of a thinking problem or another way I like to say it is, I can’t think my way out of a thought trap. Spoiler, thinking thoughts to try to fix thoughts that are thinked, is all thought traps! So, the only way forward is by trusting that intuitive guidance from our deeper selves and accepting each layer as it is. Getting out of our thought loops and into our deeper and higher selves allows us to follow spiritual guidance and not just thoughts that may be coming from a place of fear, anger, hurt. Sometimes following this guidance can be perceived as shit, but we learn from it, sometimes it’s perceived as beauty and we learn from it. Following this guidance is following what is spiritually needed in each moment, not just physically needed.

 I can look at a painting as something to be finished-an end results to be attained or I can look at a painting as a journey to be had. I can lose myself in the process and become one with the movement and the moment or get stuck thinking of the end results that I just ‘need to get to’.

It’s this intuitive process that I can carry over into everyday life with everyday things, decisions and choices. Painting has taught me life lessons of connecting with my flow and just being on the journey because really, in the end, I can’t fuck it up. There is no destination, there is a journey that will end one day on this earth and we don’t know when and we really have no control over it. So, what am I wasting my time thinking too much about?

 Usually that’s where I stall, get stuck, procrastinate because I’m too locked in on the personal questions of, but what’s gonna happen, is it going to be the wrong choice, I can’t go back if I do it, I might ruin it etc.? And then I’m left with a painting or a life with hardly any layers. Stuck with unanswerable questions in my mind and fear in my body. Knowing the shit layers are just as important as the beautiful layers, knowing but being too scared to make shit; because shit doesn’t feel good. So instead of learning how to deal with feeling shit, I’d avoid it. And my paintings and my life, weren’t fully alive!

I feel that paintings are born, and they die. A painting dies when it stops being worked on. Its life has come to a halt and it is stuck as it is; beautiful or unfinished or ugly. The same is true for us.  We aren’t fully alive if we stop working on ourselves. We are hiding. Avoiding. Scared to make shit. We are all on a journey and there’s gonna be some shit. We cannot control how we are painted. We try but, it’s impossible to control the layers that are added to our life. We can control connecting with the Divine that’s painting us and try to flow with what needs to be born in each moment as it comes. Do we need more understanding, compassion, truth, strength to be able to blend the layer that was added to our life with previous layers? Do we need help with surrendering and letting go of the past because this new layer covers up an old layer that is no longer needed? These graces are like our painting tools, there for us to utilize whenever we need them.

In knowing life circumstances are impersonal, it’s sometimes gonna look and feel like shit and other times it’s going to look and feel beautiful, we can try to go with that flow and know they are both a necessary part of the whole. We create a personal intimate connection to our life flow by connecting with the divine and allowing these necessary layers to flow in and out. We can show gratitude for them and not be attached to them. As this is the nature of the journey.

So as our lives are being painted everyday we can remember we are the beautiful, perfect creations of the Divine; and sometimes it’s really helpful to remember that, the worst we can do is Fuck it up, AND WE CAN’T FUCK IT UP!

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear from you!

From my heart to yours,


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Abstract art process video

Here’s a sped up full look at this abstract art pieces’ process. This one came out so full of bright, vibrant colors I just love! I had no plan I just dove in and that’s usually the place I work the best from. I have my best results when I just let go, play, have fun and see where that moment takes me.

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These are both the same piece, my lighting is just a little different in each video. These pieces are so much fun to make and super easy. Anyone can do it! So get your supplies and start creating today!

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From my heart to yours,


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Making Acrylic Glow in the dark Abstract Art

So I’ve just started creating some Glow in the dark art! I thought eh, it’s not gonna be that cool…but it’s cool!! Haha. I’ve only done a few so far but oh my gosh is it super fun! I still have to get some good pics of them glowing in the dark, as I keep forgetting to photo that. (slaps hand to forehead) But for now, here’s some cool process videos and photos for you. And don’t forget to tag me so I can see what you create!

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Abstract Art Ideas

Trying new things is one of my favorite things to do. I like the process of figuring out the next move, when it’s time for the next move as opposed to thinking too much about it. At least for my art. It helps me get out of my over-thinking mind and into feeling what the painting needs at that time. It’s good mindfulness practice and inspiration, imagination and the feel goods all at the same time. Here are a couple videos of my art process from splats, drips, drops to scrapes and schmears. You can do whatever feels good to you and leave it with the drops and drops or keep going and add scrapes and more and more layers. At least using acrylic paints, which is what I’m using and really only what I use.

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So get creating and Tag me or leave me a comment because I’d LOVE to see what you create!

Thanks so much I’d love to hear from you!

From my heart to yours,


How to make Abstract Art Paintings



Abstract art is really all I paint. Why abstract and what is abstract? I can’t speak technically as I’m not a professional art historian, but I can speak from experience. Abstract to me means that the painting is nonrepresentational of anything that we can recognize, such as a Dog or couch its exact form. Though things may end up looking like things in these works, they were either not on purpose or they were on purpose yet are extremely distorted, or abstracted.

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   Abstract works are more emotional and raw, in my opinion. The lines, colors, gestures, are based on the thoughts or feelings that pop up from the artists head or heart at that moment that are trying to be conveyed into an overall piece. The overall message of the work is more instinctive and based on how it makes the artist or the viewer feel rather than being literal and painting an actual scene or object. And it doesn’t even have to be understood by the artist or the viewer, it’s just an expression of the moments of creation. That could take hours, days, weeks of layers here and there and it’s a culmination of these snippets of time that reflect pieces of the artists soul.

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I have a really hard time not painting abstract works. I’m a very emotional person and this comes out in my works. Painting a thing or a scene just makes me very bored because I can see it with my eyes so I don’t have an urge to recreate it. I appreciate people who can do this as it’s truly amazing and terribly talented of someone to recreate something so exactly with colors and shadows, light etc.  know a lot of work goes into them and a lot of talent. You need to know a lot of color and depth and it’s a whole big big hard thing to do that just drives me nuts. And this is only my opinion, that’s all I have and I’m in no way poo pooing this kind of art because there are pieces that I absolutely love that are representational art, it’s just not my thing to paint. That’s all I’m saying. My favorite artist is Van Gogh and he painted scenes that he saw but he painted them so uniquely, which is what fascinates me about them. They’re representational but magical and not of this world at the same time. His use of movement to textures to bring forth a feeling of the sky as opposed to painting it as it exactly was, its phenomenal.


There is no one way to make art. And finding your art voice may be easy for some and harder for others. Personally, I don’t have a signature style yet, I just go where the flow of the piece takes me and each time it usually comes out pretty different, but that’s also what makes it rewarding and fun for me. Maybe one day I’ll find something that I just can’t help but to do over and over in a way but slightly different but for now it’s just fun and play for me and the thrill of not knowing. I have started to do a lot more scrape paintings and as of now, I’m addicted so I’ll just follow that road and see where it goes. It may be my thing, it may be my thing for now. You knows! We will see. Just gotta go with it.

Some abstract art is mixed media and others aren’t. Some are very moving and powerful and others are lines and splats. Making art is something that should feel good for you and come from a place of exploration and excitement. A process and a journey to find the art that is wanting and waiting to come to life. I view it as, we are just a channel, a catalyst in aiding this creativity to be born.

Making abstract art is simple and it’s hard. It’s more simple then hard but the hard part is mainly getting out of your own way, out of your own head, and just making art. Over and over and over. Just make art. It really is that simple. Anyone can do it yet so many of us can’t seem to get out of our heads and let the paint flow. So many of us can’t let go of our perfectionism and see the beauty and rewards in playing with colors, blending, mixing, layering and the freedom that can come from just making things. Perfect or imperfect each layer is an invitation to be in this moment in this world. To connect with the creative flow.

Creating abstract art is simple but it’s not always easy. If you think of it as playful and fun and like a conversation, but instead of using words you use lines, shapes, colors and textures. What does each layer say and how is the whole speaking through? Trying to control things sometimes leads to frustration instead of results.

Sit down with some paints and paper or canvas. Just start. Maybe mix some colors and see what happens. If you end up with mud, now you know how to make mud and you keep playing.

There’s no secret formula or recipe. There’s numerous styles and techniques and the only way to know how to make abstract paintings is to MAKE ABSTRACT PAINTINGS. You’ll find what you like or don’t like. What works for you and doesn’t. Just make it and don’t let your head tell you you’re not good enough or your art isn’t art. If you’re making art, you’re an artist and all art is good for where you are at. And as you play and practice, you get better. And you’re art is equally as good for where you are. It’s really our minds that keep us trapped so work on that and keep playing and practicing and making. This is the art process and THIS is where magic happens.

JUST KEEP MAKING and creating. This is key!

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The Lines 1- FOR SALE

Creativity and Healing


Creativity is a joy. Using your imagination is like developing and delving into your own personal worlds, created by you in any way you can imagine. How you’re creative doesn’t matter. There’s so many forms of expression and creativity. Drawing, photos, painting, doing an intuitive yoga flow. Whatever it is, just do it. Just start doing it.

Don’t think too much, this gets in the way of the work. At least for me. This is what draws me to abstract art. It’s combination of creativity and healing. That’s why I’m drawn to it, because I’m a ‘head’ person. Always in my head and thinking and trying to know ‘why’ and understand things, so my creativity is a way to tap into a deeper me. Getting out of my thinking mind and into my feelings and intuitive insights that can be called forth into spontaneous expression. An act of letting go and a taking over of the intuitive and imaginative mind. This is also a place of healing.

It’s a lovely spot that blends creativity with healing. A way of getting into our parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest, and allowing ourselves to slow down and just be. Be in each moment and see what organically, beautifully unfolds. This is the abstract art process for me. It can be different for everybody, but this is mine and it works for me. Other people might find that they can get the same results painting or drawing realism with color mixing etc. but for me abstract works best. I think too much with realism. It doesn’t flow for me. We’re all different. Even if it’s realism or some other form of creativity such as paint by numbers, it’s more about allowing yourself to go with the flow. Allow yourself to slow down and enjoy the process. Enjoy each color you mix or each shape you color in. Enjoy the color, let it spark your imagination or memories of lovely times you saw that red in a beautiful sunset. Be here, breathe deep and don’t rush.

So, just start. Just get some art supplies that work for you and your budget and let go of your control and allow yourself to just play and make and have fun. Not only are you having fun, your also staying healthy and happy! Here is an inexpensive paint option you can use for dripping, scraping, smearing or splatting! I use these when I need to feel creative and I’m not feeling it because I don’t have to worry about cost and I can just create and get out of my head. (affiliate link) Just start creating and you’ll feel the difference.

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