Murals can be done for bedrooms, dens, offices, buildings or any room that you choose. You choose the colors and feel that you’re going for. Murals take 2-4 weeks minimum, depending on the size of the wall and how much you want covered. Please note that if the destination is more than 30 miles from my house in New Providence, NJ then a small fee for travel will be added. We can discuss before to start. Shoot me an email and we can get started today!

Murals that just involve some color/shapes spaced out over an entire wall can be done on a per hour basis. $40 per hour plus supplies. Having an Abstract wall mural that is on just part of the wall will most likely take, on average, 5-15 hours. We will talk about what you want and how/where on the wall you want it before to start. It can look like a great abstract piece that surrounds your bed-frame or baby’s crib or double doors to your patio. Example below, though it would look more finished than that. This was a process shot from my full wall mural so it was being painted knowing the whole wall would be covered. But this example shows what you could do with just covering a small portion of the wall, for a cool accent wall anywhere you want.

Murals that have more wall color showing through, as pictured below, will be priced at $4 per linear inch with supplies included in the price. This would look like: 12 ft by 8 ft wall = 144 inches + 96 inches= 240 x $4 = $960 with supplies included. This will take about 35-40 hours minimum of time to complete. We can cover the whole wall or just part of the wall. There will be generous amounts of the wall color showing through as seen in the pic below. See below for whole wall mural.

WHOLE WALL: If you would like a whole wall mural that covers the entire wall or almost covers the whole wall these are priced a little higher do to the extra time, extra detail and supplies that goes into the work. There may be sparse amounts of wall color that show through for effect, as pictured below. These are priced at $5 per linear inch with supplies included. So using the example above the price would be as follows:

144 inches + 96 inches = 240 inches x 5= $1200 for the entire wall with supplies included. This will take about 55-60 hours of time minimum to complete.

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