Pricing & Commissions

PRICING: I price my work to be affordable for collectors of all price ranges while also being fair to myself depending on the size of the piece, work time for that piece, cost/expenses of all supplies and everything that goes into each piece. Un-stretched are priced the lowest as they don’t come with the extra cost of stretcher bars or the time it takes to stretch them and then take them off the bars. Some are stretched and taken off the bars so they can be re-stretched after shipping, these have a slightly higher cost due to time to stretch and un-stretch. There are also paintings shipped stretched, ready to hang. These are priced with the added cost of the stretcher bars and hanging materials.

UN-STRETCHED: The un-stretched pieces are the ones painted un-stretched. Not to be confused with the pieces that are painted stretched yet taken off the bars and shipped rolled up to save in costs and have ease of shipping, these are to be re-stretched at your local framer or DIY. For the ones painted un-stretched some people desire to stretch these after receiving them and this depends on which one you buy. For some of them it isn’t wise to stretch them. With the thinner fluid ones, this will work wonderful and they can stretch safely. The thicker ones with a lot of layers, the paint hardens when dry and the topcoat hardens also which makes it harder to stretch. I like these as they are, as wall hangings with just a few small nails like a tapestry or on rods with clips like curtains. If you decide to stretch a piece you can do this yourself by buying bars from or or a local store, watching videos on Youtube is very helpful. It’s not easy but it can be done. If you’re handy you can do it. Or call your local framer who can stretch it for you. Small local shops are usually great at doing this and supporting local businesses is also great. If I don’t state it in the listing please feel free to ask me whether a piece would be stretchable or not.

SHIPPING: Shipping is from New Providence NJ 07974. Shipping is either UPS ground for works over 30″x40″ inches or USPS ground for works under that size, or whichever is less expensive for the size, weight, dimension of your piece. Your artwork is packed well and shipped to you with tracking. For international orders a shipping invoice is sent to you via email for you to pay before shipping occurs. I include size and approximate weight of art in the listing so you can also check an estimated price for shipping. This is only an estimate until the actual packing and weighing occurs. Once your invoice is paid your artwork is dropped off and on its way to you with tracking. For works shipped stretched your cost for shipping will be higher as they’re big packages and heavier weight. Some works can be shipped un-stretched and are listed as shipped rolled in a tube or cube in the listing. Shipping this way is cheaper and easier. Especially good for long distance shipping.

COMMISSIONS: Many people have trouble finding a painting that is the right size and/or color for their room. Commissioned paintings are the way to go for this, send me an e-mail and tell me what you have in mind. I will give you an estimated price based on the size of the piece and what we discussed for the painting, at the same cost that I price my finished pieces for sale, as above. There is no extra cost for commissions. I price commissions the same way I price my other pieces based on hours it took plus supplies/materials costs. My quote to you would be flexible in the event that your needs change and it adds significant time increase or size increase to the finished piece and my price will adjust accordingly, though this will all be communicated as we go along. There will never be surprises. If you do not like the finished product there is no obligation to buy and we can try again to create something you will love. We will chat first to figure out the size & color that best fits your space. You can send video and/or photos of the room where you want the painting to go so I can get a feel for the energy of the space. Let me know in detail the feeling or look you’d like to achieve in the room as a whole so I know how to direct the energetics of the painting. If you’re local you can also book me for a visit to your home so I can experience the space for myself. I try to keep communication open along the way to avoid any unhappiness in the end.

Contact: Subject: Art commission

If you do not hear back within 48 hours I might not have gotten your email, it may have gone to spam so please try DMing me on instagram or Facebook. Thank you.

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