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Commissioned Intuitive Abstract Painting

I do commissioned paintings a little differently. Commissioned paintings are done using my intuitive process. I work in an intuitive way and I feel being limited in creation by a pre conceived painting creates a block to my creative process. You can decide on a color scheme and a few design elements, such as splats, lines, movement etc. but nothing too specific so to let the painting and the process unfold as it will. I will create at least two paintings for you to choose from. If more are needed, more will be painted until you are happy. All details, measurements will be discussed before hand. If you would like your painting stretched and shipped ‘ready to hang’, additional charges apply. Any and all charges for the painting, packaging, shipping etc. will be discussed and laid out before hand. No surprises! No extra charges for commissions.
The whole process will take a few weeks time.
Pricing is dependent on size, time and how you want it shipped.
An invoice will be emailed to you after everything is agreed upon. Satisfaction guarantee- a full refund will be given- minus $50 fee for time/supplies.

Intuitive Abstract Painting-Commission

Purchase below for $1 when you are ready to get started and make your painting a reality! If you just want some questions answered first, shoot me an email.


Paintings & Divine Writings- Digital Download- $15

Email communication with me and Divine writings channeled only for you. You can email me and tell me a little about your situation that you would like Divine writings for, fi you wish but do not need to, and I will send you back channeled Divine writings just for you and this will be imposed over an art background! You can tell me colors you like or leave it to a surprise. It will be emailed back to you within 48 hrs in PDF format that you can print out and frame if you wish or just keep close to re-read often to bathe in Divine connection and love.
-Channeled does not mean anything weird or scary, it just means I sit quietly and try to connect with the energy coming forth in the present moment when I think of you and your email. And in this energy I write or paint. That’s all.
Can even be a gift for someone special.

Paintings and Divine writings

Email communication with me and Divine writings channeled only for you.


Private Painting Consultation -Realtors-Home Owners-Interior Designers- 1 hr $75

Are you looking for Interior Design elements for your home to make your space breath-taking? Are you looking to sell your home and want to increase it’s attraction and interest? We can get you there with Intuitive Abstract Paintings. Abstract paintings will give your space a very ‘done’ feel. It will weave your design elements together and make your space pop! This will create a sense of satisfaction as a home owner or desire in possible buyers. Why not make your space more appealing and chic.
We can play with Monochromatic or Colorful paintings to see what fits your space and personality. I can also create something specific for the space you need. If you’re local I can bring over a few options and we can see what works. Otherwise we can do Zoom sessions. Let’s talk!

Private Painting Consultation 1 hr

Create your dream space


Personal Intuitive Abstract Painting Session via Zoom- 1 hr 30 min- $125

In your personal painting session we use the Intuitive process to start and abstract painting. We will start by slowing down and tapping into your Intuition, focusing on the intuitive process and allowing the painting to unfold. We will play with colors, composition, imagination and having FUN!
It’s your session so we can tailor it to your wants/needs as agreed upon ahead of time.
Once purchased I will shoot you an email or give you a call to schedule a session.
Sessions are EST and can be Saturdays or some Evenings during the weekdays. Via Zoom so you can record you session.

Personal Intuitive Abstract Painting session

Personal Intuitive painting session for 1.5 hours.


Sacred Journaling: Messages to the Divine- 15 min, $25

This is a 1-1 Journaling session. I use journaling as part of my overall wellness routines a few times a week. I believe this is a sacred and powerful act that speaks directly to the Divine. It acts as a way of surrendering from the controlling thought traps that swirl in our minds. There is something so powerful and sacred about physically writing things down. We will come up with powerful writing prompts for you to journal about to help with self healing,clarity and calm.

Journaling 1-1

The power of journaling! 15 minutes.


Intuitive Energetic and Spiritual Readings,15-45 mins $45- $135 via Zoom or email

Energetic and spiritual readings are focused on using metaphysical techniques (beyond the five senses) to aid in your self healing. We use techniques involving physical areas of the body and what they metaphysically mean, energy channels that run through those areas and your emotions to help understand your subconscious needs and Self Realize energetic blocks, so you can start to heal yourself Now! I will give your meditation and journal prompts for you to use in your self healing routine. Open up to your self healing powers today! Questions? Schedule a free 10 minute Discovery call today! Via Phone-Zoom-or Email

15 min Energetic Reading


30 min Energetic Reading


45 min Energetic Reading


DISCLAIMER: Lauren Karpinski’s offerings and any free discovery calls are not being portrayed as medicine, medicinal, curing, counseling or professional therapy services. If you have mental health or physical issues please contact your doctor or mental health counselor. Lauren Karpinski offers non denominational Metaphysical-Soul-Spirit-Energy-Faith based talks/discussions and discussions as an Intuitive Guide and Energetic and Spiritual Wellness capacity. For you to Self Realize and Self help. She utilizes her knowledge about Energy/Metaphysics in the discussion but is not acting as a practitioner or Acupuncturist or Massage Therapist or any other licensed medical professional. These sessions are purely Energetic and Faith based and for the appointee to ultimately help heal themselves. She will not prescribe you anything, diagnose you or offer ‘treatments’, only sessions for discussion of self realization. If she suggests Yoga poses, she does so as suggestions to you within the context of her Yoga Teacher certifications and leaves the decision to you as for what’s best for your body. Lauren is offering spiritual/faith based connection. Lauren is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery, though she is not a professional minister, so her offers are person to person discussions that are faith based, spiritual and energetic in nature only. Lauren is an Abstract artist and also offers discussions also about adding art, creativity to your life within a spiritual connection context. By agreeing to the appointment you agree to this understanding and waive any rights to any legal claims in any context of any kind against Lauren Karpinski from known or unknown reasons or causes in regards to anything discussed during, before or after the call. Lauren makes no promises or claims of diagnosing, treating, healing, health or curing. Wellness is defined as where you are now and you realizing you can help yourself in the now. Lauren offers faith and support but makes no claims or guarantees.

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