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Commissioned Original Painting

I do commissioned paintings differently. I work in an intuitive way and I feel being limited in creation by a pre conceived painting or desire is stifling to my creative process. If you’d like a commissioned painting, we can do that though I work completely intuitively. We can decide on a color scheme or one color but then the painting and the process unfold as it will. I will create at least two paintings for you to choose from. The Paintings will be on un stretched and un primed canvas unless otherwise discussed. Measurements will be discussed before hand and extra large paintings will be shipped rolled in a tube, unless otherwise discussed. If you would like your painting stretched and shipped ready to hang, additional stretching and shipping charges are applied and discussed before hand. Any and all payments and charges will be discussed before hand. Payment via Venmo Lauren-karpinski-vibes or paypal invoice with Free shipping to continental USA if rolled in a tube. Overseas shipping charges will vary and are added to the above price.

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Paintings & Divine Writings- Digital Download

Email communication with me and Divine writings channeled only for you. You can email me and tell me a little about your situation that you would like Divine writings for, fi you wish but do not need to, and I will send you back channeled Divine writings just for you and this will be imposed over an art background! You can tell me colors you like or leave it to a surprise. It will be emailed back to you within 72 hrs in PDF format that you can print out and frame if you wish or just keep close to re-read often to bathe in Divine connection and love. $15 via Venmo Lauren-karpinski-vibes or Paypal

-Channeled does not mean anything weird or scary, it just means I sit quietly and try to connect with the energy coming forth in the present moment when I think of you and your email. And in this energy I write or paint. That’s all. It’s like Reiki Energy connection.

Paintings and Writings

Paintings overlaid with Divine writings via email in a PDF


NJ/NY Realtors or Home Owners-painting rentals

If you are looking to sell your home and want to increase it’s attraction or interest with Large Abstract art, Bright Abstract Art, please call or email me. Large Abstract Art will give your space a very ‘done’ feel. It will create a sense of desire in possible buyers. Why not make your space more appealing and chic. I have many colorful paintings plus more muted paintings. Plus I can create something specific for the space you need. I can rent out any size paintings you need for a specified or unspecified length of time. Let’s talk!

DISCLAIMER: Lauren Karpinski is not acting as a medical professional and in no way is intending to diagnose, treat, heal or cure any individual. These services are for the enjoyment, fun and satisfaction of the purchaser. These services are not based on a specific religion yet are spiritually based, non denominational, mystical, energetic and artistic. If you are having any medical issues it is suggested you seek medical care with a medical professional.

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