Stretching and Shipping

Stretching can be done after you receive your painting and the painting can be shipped inexpensively rolled in a tube. I can help you find a local framer near you and I can arrange to ship it to them so they can stretch it for you and you can just go pick it up, ready to hang! Or I can ship it to you and you can take you painting for stretching as well.

Why rolled in a tube? For larger paintings it is much safer for the painting to be shipped rolled in a tube. Not only is it safer it is more cost effective for you to stretch it upon receipt.

Stretching costs vary depending on size and area but could be around $200. It’s possible to call and get estimates from your framer as well.

For smaller to medium sized paintings you can also choose to frame them instead of stretch them. You can take these to your local framer or a Micheals. To do it yourself you can staple the edges to some acid free backing board and choose a frame you love, with or without matting, and your painting will look amazing wherever it hangs!

All my prices are for the un stretched paintings. If you would like me to stretch it and get it ready to hang for you I can do that too! Below are the stretching fees. Why stretching fees? The fees cover the wood stretcher bars the painting is stretched around and a little bit extra for the time it takes to stretch the painting:

Smalls= up to 18″ on any side, $30.

Mediums= up to 30″ on any side, $60.

Larges: from 30″ and up, $100.

When I shipped stretched I use UPS for domestic USA shipments. I use them for packaging as well. The packaging fee is $120. I do this because they pack it professionally, with a greater chance it reaches you safely and there is insurance on it.

Then their are shipping costs. A rough estimate for shipping a large painting of around 48″x48″ would be in the range of $250. These are just estimates. All prices will be given to you up front! Payment would be due before shipment of your painting.

Examples of un stretched to stretched canvas below.

For International shipping we can discuss options and pricing depending on your location.

Shipped rolled in a tube and stretched at Hobby Lobby by purchaser. I don’t recommend Hobby Lobby for stretching.
Stretched then shipped
Shipped rolled in a tube and stretched by purchaser
Un stretched canvas
Un stretched canvas
Stretched canvas-ready to hang
Stretched canvas-ready to hang
Stretched by me and picked up by purchaser.
Shipped rolled up
Shipped rolled up

Shipped rolled up

Any questions please shoot me an email, I’d be happy to help! Lauren 🙂

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