Stretching and Shipping

Stretching can be done after you receive your painting by taking your painting to a framer, use a local framer and support small businesses if possible. If you want it stretched before to be shipped to you, that can be done as well. This will increase shipping costs considerably but your painting will come ready to hang with no extra work from you needed except choosing where to put it!

If you would like me to stretch it for you, there is a $30 stretching fee as well as the cost of the stretcher bars themselves. There is also a packaging fee, plus the additional shipping costs. All prices will be told to you up front and payment is due before shipment of your painting.

Examples of un stretched to stretched canvas, at purchasers request, below. Also pics of un stretched practice pieces, (most of my smalls are my experimental practice pieces that I use for color study, composition study and shape study ect.) a house guest saw, purchased and got stretched and framed at her local frame shop.

Shipping for large paintings can easily be rolled in a tube or bag for smalls. This way of shipping is easy and economical.

If you decide to have your painting stretched before shipping it will come UPS ground. I use UPS packaging service as well as shipping service, as they pack it professionally and ensure it’s safe delivery to you so you can just hang and enjoy your new painting. Prices would be given after I receive your address. If the painting is extra large UPS charges an extra freight service fee which would be given to you along with all the other shipping charge information so you can decide whether you would like your painting shipped stretched or rolled in a tube.

For International shipping we can discuss options and pricing depending on your location.

Any questions please shoot me an email, I’d be happy to help! Lauren 🙂

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